Hospital Sitters In-Home Health Care | Meridian, ID

While you’re in the hospital you’ll be receiving medical care from the hospital staff. But the medical teams often have many patients to care for. Having a private sitter by your side will not only provide companionship making your stay safer and more pleasant, but also ensures you receive the one-to-one care you need, when you need it, by being proactive on your behalf.

Benefits of Private Sitters

  • Provides your loved one with a dedicated caregiver keeping them safer and ensuring they have their needs met quickly.

  • Your sitter serves as a patient advocate, ensuring they get the services they need,

        when they want or need it.

  • Companionship often improves the outcome of the patient’s illness.

  • Dedicated caregivers reduce the risk of infection and falls.

Why Choose an ABC Home Healthcare Sitter

A Better Care Home Health sitters are present to:

  • Ensure patient is comfortable and safe

  • Keep patient from falling out of bed

  • Keep patient’s area neat and clean

  • Feed the patient

  • Keep notes for family

  • Ensure all visitors follow Infection Control procedures

Give your loved one the reassurance of a professional, dedicated caregiver to assist with their needs at all times.