Supply Of Software Agreement

(iii) is not used to create software that, in its expression, is substantially similar to the software; OPERATING SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: This software requires the following minimum requirements, defined on the following link: This agreement does not confer any rights under the Contracts of Third Parties Act 1999 for the application of the duration of this Agreement. (d) obtain and use the code or update the additional software software with “fixes” and error corrections that may be provided from time to time by the licensee (see condition 1.3 and condition 1.4 below); (a) not to copy the software or documentation unless this is incidental to point 1.3 (d) and/or where such a copy is incidental to the normal use of the software or if it is necessary for security or operational security purposes; (h) comply with all applicable technological or export control laws and regulations. If you have a licence of more than two months, you will be notified in writing (“renewal letter”) 45 days before the expiry of the license and you will be asked to renew the license at the price indicated in the renewal letter. If you do not respond, the license will automatically be renewed at the price indicated in the renewal letter. You have up to 30 days before the license expires to tell us if you want to revoke the license that automatically extends the license for the duration of your previous license. (i) on a central processing unit (CPU) if the license is a single user license or if the software is used on a single basis; or provided that this clause 6.5 (a) does not prevent claims of loss or deterioration of your physical property under the provisions of item 6.5 (b) or any other claim of direct financial loss that are not excluded from any of the categories (i) to (vi) including clause 6.5 (a); (c) if you comply with Condition 2, you can make copies of the software for backup purposes; If you are a consumer or consumer user, you can: (f) You can treat your violation of the additional third party terms and conditions as a violation of that license. for a period of 90 days from the date the software is installed (guarantee period). (c) You must immediately remove or remove the Software from any computer device in your possession and immediately destroy or return to us all copies of the Software that are then in your possession, custody or control, and confirm to us in case of destruction that you have done so. If, during the warranty period, you inform us in writing of a defect or error in the software as a result of which it is not executed in substance in accordance with the documentation, at our only choice, we repair or replace the software, provided that you give us proof of purchase and that you provide us with all the information necessary to help us correct the defect or error, including sufficient information to allow us to restore the defect or error.